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Studio664 was officially founded in 1998 as a project designed to provide a network for people that might otherwise find difficulty finding others who share similar interests, abilities, and talents. This was before the days of what is now termed ‘social networking’ on the Internet.

In essence, Studio664 was the social network for the anti-social. The focus initially encompassed mysticism, yoga, philosophy, innovative artists, electronic musicians, geeks, nerds, outcasts, radicals, theorists, scientists, programmers, comic book enthusiasts, and the list goes on.

For the past ten years, this project has been undergoing developments orchestrated for the most part by a single human being. That’s where yours truly has come to write this introductory welcome to the forum you have stumbled upon this day.

I have created this forum with the following in mind:

Every time I have ventured out into the world, be it the every day running of errands, browsing the internet, acquiring some form of amusement or sustenance – there always seems to be an underlying indication that something is missing in the world. Something is lacking in each of us perhaps.

The majority of the observations inhabiting my memory of interactions between people do not reflect the scenes of satisfaction and honesty that I have imagined by reading various literary works or witnessed watching a well made film. And in particular, my own actions so often leave me with a sense of inadequacy to perform my duties as a member of the human race.

Now all this I am saying, even to myself – and especially so, seems like it might be based on a fantastic idea of a perfect world.

Well, let me ask you this: Isn’t it a perfect world?

Aren’t we each given all the information and resources we need to live full, productive lives that satisfy and leave us longing for rest at the end of the day. For when our creative energies are spent without restraint or inhibition, manifesting our individuality – are we not rewarded with that peaceful mind and well-earned period of effortless rest?

Even so, we all have our obstacles and shortcomings we must overcome in life. This idea alone is the basis of my passion to continue the project I started a decade ago.

So, instead of “googling” information, or watching my favorite film on the computer because nothing that just came out looks worth watching, I have chosen to focus on maintaining and promoting a rich, direct, honest experience of life and the reality that we are all experiencing together.

The marketplace, the drama, the subtext of our words, all the politics and beliefs, all the subterfuge and treachery, the lust and the hate – the fear. All this is just a passing cloud in light of the precious value of our eternal souls, our immortal consciousness, our irreplaceable being.

I hope that these words have at the very least brought to each reader’s mind some kind of familiarity with these ideas I have held on to so long. I urge you to entertain your intrigue and participate in this project. The only initial requirement is an interest in using the unique potential of your human existence to contribute to better understandings and genuine interactions with others.

And whether you are turned away or choose to venture within these pages, I wish you the purity of a peaceful life and many safe journeys forward.
Thank You for Listening,

psidre felix
Founder of Studio664 – The Perfected Image

Psidre Felix

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