Prophecy of Kroah


The Prophecy

On Tuesday[*], May 26th, 1999 – I was known to the Goddess Nuit as Kroah – Prophet of the Borneless.The events of my live had culminated into a climax of realisation, thus bringing about the inspiration necessary.
Therefore, I asked Nuit to lay before me in the form of a story, How this New Aeon was to come into being.The Prophecy was issued to me in the form of a tarot reading, consisting solely of the Major Arcana.Here follows the prophecy as written by Kroah, on that day: 

camelfish – Book (0)

And so He asked of the passing of time… thus came the wisdom of the Age.

Our journey thus far: -or- how a camel becomes a fish:

1. III – Empress – mars – gimel
2. XI – Strength – venus – kaph
3. IX – Hermit – leo – tes
4. XIII – Death – water – mem
5. XVII – Star – mercury – peh
6. VI – Lovers – taurus – vau
7. XXI – Fool – fire – shin
8. II – High Priestess – moon – bes
9. XVI – Tower – capricorn – ayin
10. X – Wheel of Fortune – virgo – yod
11. XIX – Sun – pisces – qoph
12. XX – Judgement – saturn – resh
13. VIII – Justice – cancer – ches
14. I – magician – air – aleph
15. VII – Chariot – gemini – zayin
16. XXII – Universe – jupiter – tau
17. XV – Devil – sagittarius – samek
18. XII – Hanged Man – libra – lamed
19. V – Hierophant – aries – heh
20. IV – Emperor – sun – dales
21. XVIII – Moon – aquarius – tzaddi
22. XIV – Temperance – scorpio – nun


Having traversed the desert, the Prophet gains strength. Taking time to introsepect, a death becomes Him.  The Star appears… they become lovers, Pure Love is known.  The Goddess gives Her Blessings.  Doing away with their gross qualities, Balance is preserved, and they are One under the Sun.  Comes the time of the Equinox, and Ma’at appears on the Throne.  The Magician performs the rite which seals fate, taking the seed into the land.  All shall know pure beauty, appreciating all things.  Pan is sent to offer a time to reflect, The Magician resumes his place on the Throne of the Temple – thus the Seat of the World.

  All Paths unite through temperance.

The Alchemical Evolution is foretold,
by virtue of the LAW.

Love is the law, love under will.
So It Has Been Written By The Prophet of the Borneless.


Copyright (C) 1999 – Studio664

* It was a Wednesday (There is intention in this “error”). More on all this later, I just wanted to have this posted so it’s web presence could be once again semi-secured.


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