AN UNFORGETTABLE SCENE – VIDEO: Troops carrying a mysterious spacecraft

VIDEO: Troops carrying a mysterious spacecraft

The scene which many residents of Webb City, Missouri will remain forever in my memory played on 13 December 2011. On the street they saw a truck carrying a UFO.

Object to the form of a disc was covered with a cloth and placed on a truck, and considering the size of the object and the truck, city police involved in the strict regulation of traffic, moving signs and other activities that facilitate the movement of an unusual occurrence in their city. Residents were left stunned seen but most of them thought it was near the place a film and it’s a mock-up or movie props. The number of inquiries about unusual cargo arrived at the answer, but not from Hollywood studios, but from the army. The official explanation is that this is an experimental aircraft that was more merry UFO imagination to wonder exactly what kind of craft work and what is inspired by new technology. Although we do not know anything about the possibilities of new aircraft, it is certainly clear that was reminiscent of the form ‘ flying saucer ‘which would suggest that it is inspired by alien technology. Speculation about whether the burden of a mysterious alien spacecraft or human spacecraft inspired by alien technology is still ongoing, and an item of news stories about unusual cargo definitely look here:

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