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ARP Axxe

Arp Axxe monophonic synthesizer (Top View)

The Axxe is basically a single VCO monophonic version of the popular Odyssey. The Axxe has a thinner sound than the Odyssey, but it is still angular and powerful. It’s a very ‘budget’ type synth with limited potential. Not at all a very exciting synth that offers little more than cheap access to that ARP-like sound. Unfortunately it has no form of memory storage or external MIDI control. It came with a 155 page text book, overlay sheets, interface charts and a book of 50 patches.

Arp Axxe monophonic synthesizer (Angled Top-Front View)

There was an older version produced, too, which looks like the Odyssey II (aka 2810) with a black face. The Axxe has been used by 808 state, Jude Allen, Adrian Chase, Rick Davis, Baby Ford, Pascal Gabriel, Herbie Hancock, Paddy Kingsland (BBC Radiophonic Workshop), Howard Leese (Heart) and Eat Static.

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  • Polyphony – Monophonic
  • Oscillators – 1 VCO
  • LFO – One LFO w/ sine mod to VCF or PW, sine or square mod to OSC pitch
  • Filter – Model 4075 4-pole, Low Pass Filter w/ resonance, cutoff, key tracking
  • VCA – One ADSR envelope mod to PW, VCF cutoff or VCA (+ sample&hold of pitch or VCF)
  • Keyboard – 37 keys
  • Arpeg/Seq – None
  • Control – CV/Gate
  • Date Produced – 1975 – 1981
  • Est. Value – $300

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