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Arp Axxe Analog Synthesizer

Posted on March 27, 2009 by synthhead

The ARP Axxe is a monophonic analog synthesizer, created by ARP during the 1970s. The ARP Axxe has a single VCO (producing two different waveforms) that is passed through a basic low-pass filter and VCA.

Modulation is rather inflexible, but can be applied to nearly every section of the synthesizer. Noteworthy is the addition of sample-and-hold and the ability to pass external audio through the filter (in the tradition of the Minimoog).

Three versions of the Axxe were manufactured, the last two containing orange silkscreening and a slightly modified case. The difference in these later two versions was primarily the mounting of the keyboard. The earliest units of the original version lacked ARP’s innovative “Proportional Pitch Control” pads, but featured a copyright infringing version of a Moog filter that was later discontinued, though no actual lawsuit ever took place.

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Video via WayneJoness. A Doepfer MCV4 is used to drive the Arp Axxe.

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