Craigslist Mobility for iPhone

Craigsphone! If this just doesn’t make perfect sense, eh?

I haven’t personally checked this out yet, this is hot off the press.. but looks like one of those things that will soon be turned into a verb like Google has. Be sure to check out the article at for the real scoop.

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Craigsphone brings Craigslist to the iPhone

Craigslist is one of my absolute favorite sites on the ‘net — it’s been around for years, but kept the same simple look and feel, perfectly fulfilling the service of classifieds without ever once going off that course. Sure, there are issues with spam, but Craig and his minions have worked overtime to make the thing work, and it works well (in fact, if you see any weightlifing dumbells for sale in Chicago, let me know, I need some).

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